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With nearly 25 years of combined experience, Kim and Yvonne have worked to establish themselves as Seattle’s “neighborhood whisperers.” Their enthusiasm for helping people find their dream living spaces backed by their thorough knowledge of the Seattle area makes them a dynamic real estate team. Kim and Yvonne have proven skills in matching sellers with enthusiastic buyers and negotiating deals that are satisfactory for both parties. Their work ethic, market expertise and genuine passion for connecting with their clients on a personal level makes Kim and Yvonne standouts in the Seattle real estate market. Let Kim and Yvonne help you find a place to call home.


Kim Reidy, a key part of the Point3 leadership team, and Yvonne Svasand, a Seattle native with ties to the Seattle Rental Group, make a formidable team in the Seattle real estate market. Between the two of them, they boast nearly a quarter of a century of experience in helping people buy, lease, rent and sell property. For all their technical expertise, however, their primary focus is centered on getting to know their customers and identifying their real estate needs. Kim and Yvonne are devoted to matching prospective buyers with not only the perfect home, but the perfect neighborhood. Additionally, they have the same drive to aid home sellers through the process of selling their homes, and the determination to secure the best possible market value. Both ladies have deep and extensive ties to the Seattle area, and have a vast knowledge of the area neighborhoods. Their commitment to providing top-notch customer service to each and every client is a hallmark of their professional ethic. Kim and Yvonne also assist clients with Relocation and Rental Services, and delight in aiding hundreds of newcomers with finding a space and a location that will best suit them. Kim and Yvonne strive to be more than just brokers; they possess a genuine passion for connecting with their clients on a personal level, getting to know them and understanding their most important needs. Let Kim and Yvonne shoulder the worries and details of your real estate search, and help you find your dream home.


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