Are you ready for some fall fun in Seattle? Check out our September newsletter for some great things to do this upcoming fall, from kid-friendly activities to tiny living in the great outdoors! Plus, info about our upcoming first-time homebuyer class, and insight into why sellers might not want to wait until next year to sell!


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New Video: Seattle in the Spotlight!

The New York Times featured a video with the things that you DO NOT want to MISS in Seattle! Check it out to see how you can spend 36 hours in our fabulous city!


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Get Your House Resale Ready!

In this newsletter, we feature an article about 2019 being the year for sellers to sell! If you’re ready to sell your house, make sure it’s in shape to bring you top dollar! Check out our blog for five home improvement projects to get your house resale ready!


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September in Seattle: So Many Events, So Little Time!

There’s definitely never a shortage of entertaining and unique experiences in Seattle, and September is no exception. If you’re in the mood for a cultural festival, a dog walk with a little wine, or even a Grilled Cheese Grand Prix, then this event list has you covered! How you spend your month is up to you, but you better hurry because there are so many things to choose from, you’ll want to get started right away!  grilled cheese sandwich

Thinking About Selling? 2019 Could Be a Winner

Are you thinking about selling your house? 2019 might be the right time to sell. If you love your house and plan to stay there for a while, then that’s great — but if you’re considering selling, well, this could be a good year. Especially, if your other option is waiting until 2020. New buyers are still entering the market and rates are relatively low, but these are just a few reasons why selling now makes sense.
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Fall Fun in Seattle: 

Family-Friendly Activities You Don’t Want to Miss!

Just because the kids are back in school, doesn’t mean family outings should go by the wayside. If you’re looking for some family-friendly fun this fall, then check out these 50 can’t miss activities! Whether it’s a harvest festival, Halloween treat, family getaway, or just exploring some local favorites, this list will definitely help you fill your calendar!
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Get a Taste of Tiny Living in the Great Outdoors

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a tiny house? What if it was just for a weekend retreat or vacation? Washington State Park makes it easy to experience the great outdoors, without having to rough it, with 15 parks offering cabin rental options — all within a couple of hours of Seattle. All of the cabins are under 400 square feet and allow you to experience nature up close, no tent required.
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