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At we recognize that many of our new clients settling in Seattle are parents.  As parents, you have a lot on your mind, and we totally understand. Not only do you have to manage every facet of your own life, but also that of your children. Add the stress of  moving, and it is enough to make even the most seasoned parent want to cry (or drink a bottle of wine – we don’t judge.) Let us take away some of the stress by sharing some facts about the Emerald City’s amazing school system.

First, some fun facts according to  seattle (1)

  • Seattle is the 18th largest city in the US with a population of just over 608,000 as of 2010, and our community keeps steadily growing.
  • The largest group of residents fall into the 25-34 age group bracket, making up just about 20 percent of the population.
  • One of the age groups to see the largest increase is the under 5-years-old bracket.


These surveys suggest that Seattle’s young family population is growing! So what is drawing new parents to put down roots in Seattle?

We say it is Seattle’s exemplary school system. According to a survey conducted by, the district earned an A- overall.

  • Across 77 elementary schools, 87% received an above average rating in the A to B- range. Only 10 schools received a C+ rating or lower.
  • Across 22 middle schools, all received an above average rating with the exception of one. The outlying school is currently unrated.
  • Across 18 high schools, 66% scored in the above average range. The remaining 6 schools received a C+ or lower.

Overall, the Seattle School System is ranked 9th best in the state of Washington.  Of all of the schools in this school system, a staggering 85% scored above average.

Now that you know that the Seattle school system is simply amazing, here are 3 picturesque  neighborhoods where the students are really performing:

MedinaMedina – Located on the eastern side of Seattle along Lake Washington is Medina. Known for being a more secluded area, it is home to  a number of influential people including, but not limited to, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos of Prices for homes here average in the $2.4 million dollar range.


clyde hill


Clyde Hill – Right next door to Medina is Clyde Hill. While it doesn’t have the lake views of Medina, it is still considered exclusive. Homes here are generally priced an average of $2.2 million dollars.


yarrow point


Yarrow Point – Just north of Medina and Clyde Hill, above Highway 520 is Yarrow Point. Bordered by Lake Washington, homes are listed on average in the $2.1 million range.


If you don’t have a couple of million dollars in your budget for a home, you can check out the Bellevue and Kirkland school districts.  They’re still top rated districts, and have homes in the $500,000 to $750,000 range. The Seattle School District also has homes averaging around $575,000.  

So now that we’ve impressed you with how well  your child will be educated if you live here, let’s talk about getting you a place to live. We are so excited to show you all that Seattle has to offer for your family. Call us today to set up some home showings!

The research is done, but what is the next step? Contact us at We will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your family’s future.


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