Getting your home Open House ready is no small task. There are usually a few cosmetic repairs to be made, maybe a fresh coat of paint or a few touch ups needed to the trim, and there will always be cleaning and decluttering that has to be done before the house is put on the market. But while you’re giving the interior a facelift, don’t neglect the outside. Not only will this make your Seattle home appear more welcoming to potential buyers, it will add to the market value.

Potential buyers will get their first impression of your home from the first thing they see, the front yard. Curb appeal is immensely important, as quite often people will form an opinion about your home before they ever step through the entryway.

 Here are a few tips on getting the exterior of your home listing ready:



1. Start from the ground up — Mow the front and back lawn, and rake up the clippings when finished, using extra care. Employ a weed eater or an edger to take care of the hard-to-reach spots that a lawnmower can’t quite get into. Reseed any bare spots in the grass, trim the shrubs, and update your landscaping with bright, blooming flowers and fresh mulch.



2. Spring cleaning, any time of year — When you’re getting your house ready for listing, you’ll want to give the interior a very thorough cleaning. But don’t neglect to do the same outside. Wash the exterior walls, windows, and shutters, and while you’re at it — power wash the driveway and walkway leading up to the house. Make sure that everything is swept clean and that there are no cobwebs collecting in the corners. Add clean furniture and a few potted plants to make your porch more inviting to potential buyers.



3. Make the most of storage — One thing that potential buyers are always looking for is storage space, and regardless of where that storage is located, it needs to be clean and organized. If you have outdoor storage, whether it’s something small like an outdoor closet or big like a garage, remove at least half of the contents to be kept somewhere off site. Make sure that everything remaining is clean, well-organized and put away very neatly.


54. Minor repairs can be major improvements –. Not every repair has to be costly and time consuming. A coat of fresh paint will make your house look years newer and more welcoming. Outdoor and indoor faucets should be checked to make sure they turn properly and aren’t leaking. Updating old doors, door knobs, and other hardware will also really help to improve the look of your home. Finally, make sure that the house numbers are straight, clean, and easy to read, and that the mailbox is in working order and visible, so that potential buyers know that they’re in the right place.


Just a few updates and improvements will have potential buyers falling in love with your house before they’ve even stepped inside!  Follow these tips to maximize the curb appeal of your home and to make the right first impression. If you have any questions about listing your Seattle home, please feel free to contact us!


To Selling in Seattle,

Kim & Yvonne

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