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    Wishing everyone a very happy and joyous 2020!

    New Year’s Eve Fireworks at the Space Needle!

    Despite worries that high winds would stop the annual fireworks display at the Space Needle, the show went on with awe-inspiring results! Here’s a peek in case you missed it!

    video link to fireworks display at space needle

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    just leased 53rd street

      How to Prevent Dangerous Carbon Monoxide Exposure in Your Home 

      Everyone deserves to feel secure in their own homes. However, are you sure your home is as safe as it should be? You might be surprised to find that missing this one device could be putting you and your family at significant risk.

      shark in tank$113 Million Pavilion Planned for Seattle Aquarium

      The Seattle Aquarium has big plans underway to give visitors an experience like no other! Opening as soon as 2023, a brand new pavilion located between Pike Place Market and Piers 59 and 60 will showcase ocean life to the tune of $113 million! The stars of the show will be 6-foot long sharks and 6-foot wide stingrays.

      craftsman home100-Plus-Year-Old Seattle Dream Homes 

      Many people imagine the day they will find their ultimate dream home. When it comes to living in Seattle, a classic Craftsman-style might be one of the first looks that comes to mind. Today, not many new homes in this style are being built, which makes the ones in existence even more of a special find! Take a look at these three Seattle dream homes that come in at around $1.5 million! 

      paint swatches

      What Does a Seattle-Area Woman Have To Do with the Color of the Year?

      If you don’t already know about the Pantone Color Institute, then you may not have realized that the executive is a Bainbridge resident. Leatrice Eiseman is a color consultant for the institute, which is considered a leader in color forecasting trends. It annually selects the color that it believes will be hot in design for the upcoming year. Click here to learn more about this year’s color choice and the Seattle woman that is behind it!

      Lego blocks

      How Many LEGO Pieces Does It Take to Build the Space Needle?

      What if you could build Seattle’s iconic landmark out of LEGO pieces? Okay, maybe not the actual Space Needle, but how about a 14-foot high, 150 lb replica? That is exactly what Wayne Hussey, a model creator, and BrickCon director, has built and put on display at the Spacebase. A feat this, well, towering, takes quite a bit of patience and a whole lot of bricks! Can you guess how many?

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