seattle 19th month on top

     Seattle’s 19th Month on Top

    The market is hot in the Emerald City. For its 19th month at the top of the real estate market, Seattle’s bubble is breaking records. At a rate of almost 1500 new residents a month, this city is continuing to push its history of being the best choice to build a life. Now has never been a better time to sell. And if you’re the shopper, you know you’ll be investing in the crème de la crème of the country’s residential property.

    But why is Seattle’s market so hot? If you’re a resident, you know what makes the city such a splendid place to put down roots. For those considering a genuine change of scenery, you’ll be surprised at what makes the Emerald City such a gem. Here are the top 5 reasons why Seattle continues to grow, exceeding all expectations:

prime food culture

1.) Prime Food Culture –  Seattle’s culinary scene is the place to be for foodies. Those who come for a short stay spread exorbitant accounts of the exceptional quality of locally sourced seafood. They talk of the Slow Food movement that is prevalent there, taking great consideration for the ingredients that make it into the local eateries. Some great names in the
culinary world, like Ben Godwin and Jerry Lariz, are setting up their first shops there and seeing
little reason not to stay. And if your passion for cooking outweighs your love for dining, there is seemingly no better place to build a name for yourself.

2.) Inclusiveness – You will find an earnest definition of “Melting Pot” up and down its streets. Seattle has become a large market for the Millennial workforce as well as those of alternative lifestyles. It is a city that rallies around the equal rights movement, and it shows its popularity with the modern American by its skyrocketing influx of new residents.

jobs in demand

3.) Jobs in Demand – The average salary in Seattle is $69,000, about $25,000 more than the national average. The labor market is almost as hot as its housing market. Big name companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have core worksites in the area; calling in many highly specialized individuals to power their design teams and support services. Let us not forget the abundance of maritime jobs found around the bay– including commercial fishing and shipping.

a heart for art

4.) A Heart for Art – The city is consistent in running art shows and providing sidewalk venues for artisans. Home to more than 140 theatre companies, a spectator will never be without a choice for any style of production. Seattle has been the starting point for many successful musicians such as Modest Mouse, Nirvana, and Owl City. Likewise, it still promotes a very prominent indie music scene.

A place for family

5.) A Place for Family – The average ratio of students to teachers is 18:1. A comfortable number for keeping the best interests of a youth’s education without compromising the quality of learning. There are local programs that abound for young people in the city such as a youth
orchestra and art programs. A family will have no trouble finding new experiences with each
other either. From a surplus of natural campgrounds, the Seattle Aquarium, or the Museum of Flight; engaging fun is plentiful for the active family unit.

    Seattle is an inspiring hub of culture, a dreamscape for the hardworking American, and the city continues to push the standard of living to higher expectations. It’s not farfetched to see why this thriving metropolis is the place to be.

Let our expertise of the Emerald City show you the best this vibrant city can offer.


–Kim and Yvonne

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