Spring is Time to Refresh and Renew

Make your space a home with a dash of spring cleaning

For many people springtime conjures up images of blooming trees, green grass, admittedly some rain, okay maybe a lot, but the biggest thing spring represents for many is a fresh start.  It’s not only a time for the earth to renew, but people take it as a time to renew themselves as well. This applies to our living spaces, too! There’s a reason it’s called “spring-cleaning.” It’s the perfect time to freshen up and rejuvenate our space in order to better appreciate where we live and make it feel like home. Not to mention the added property value of a home that is taken care of and regularly maintained.

Our living spaces work hard for us. They shelter us, provide a place to store our valuables, create gathering spaces for family and friends and can help us express ourselves through their design. Whether it’s a house, apartment, condo or just a room – if we live in it then it’s important it feels like a home. Sure, life gets busy and crazy and the upkeep of a home can certainly take a backseat, but it still deserves some attention.

So, this spring make sure you take some time to show a little love to the place you call home by following these tips:


Look Out the Window — When you look out of your window, do you see the view or just spots? Make sure windows are nice and clean, inside and out, and also check for any cracks or broken seals. Make sure any screens on windows are in good condition and replace the ones that are not, and recaulk any areas that are wearing down or peeling. Not only does this look nicer, but it saves money, too. Drafty windows are a big source of air and heat leaking out of a home, up to 30% in fact according to LAS, and you don’t want money flying out of the window. Pun intended.


It’s Curtains for You — Let’s face it, when we do a quick clean up around the house, rarely do our poor window treatments get a second glance. Anything fabric collects and holds onto a lot of dust. So make spring time a time for sprucing up your curtains. Shake them out and clean them, or if you are really ready for a fresh start maybe even some new treatments here and there are what will make the difference for you in your space.


Called onto the Carpet — If you have carpet or rugs in your home, then you probably vacuum as part of your normal clean routine. Still, just like those fabric curtains, carpet fibers collect and hold onto all sorts of fuzzies and dust. Reader’s Digest says, “Carpets are a huge dust reservoir since all its fibers absorb dust like a giant sponge and send it airborne everytime you take a step.”  Regular vacuuming helps, but at least a couple of times a year your carpets and rugs need a good deep clean, either by your or a professional.


Reach High and Low — Stretch! No, we’re not talking about exercise, although cleaning house can be a good little workout, but we’re talking about cleaning your house top to bottom. So, don’t forget about those door frames, crown molding, ceiling fans, light fixtures and baseboards when you dust! Use spring as your time to make sure all of these areas are nice and dust free and give them a good, solid wipe down.


Take It Outside — Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can use springtime to make sure your home is looking good on the outside, too. Curb appeal is real, people! Weed your garden, plant fresh flowers or plants and add fresh mulch. If you live in a space that doesn’t have a yard, then maybe a few potted plants on your patio or balcony area, or on your front porch, can help liven things up and make you smile.


What To Do, What To Do — Use spring time as an opportunity to walk through your house and tackle all those little, nagging repairs that have undoubtedly accumulated over the last year. A broken switchplate, a loose doorknob, burnt out light bulbs and other small repairs are easy to do with just a little time and effort. When we live in our homes we can start to get used to the things that are worn down or broken and our brain tends to ignore them, but subconsciously it still can take its toll, because we still know they’re there. Taking the time to get the tasks completed, not only feels good, but it helps make your space feel more like a home and helps to maintain the value of your property.


What’s New? — Last, but not least, have some fun and change things up a bit! Fresh, new towels in the bathrooms and kitchen, a few new throw pillows and a couple fun decor pieces can make all the difference in how your home feels and how you feel about your home. The cost is minimal, but the change is huge. Plus, certain things only last so long. For example, towels – according to popsugar.com should be replaced at least every two years. After that they just don’t work as well.

Overall, it’s important that we take care of our homes, just like they take care of us. It maintains your property, can add value, and just makes you feel better. It’s always nice to come home after a busy day and feel like you’re walking into a warm hug that shows your style and makes you feel proud. We hope you’ll put some of these tips into action this spring in your own space, so you can have the home you deserve. For more home tips and insights into the Seattle area, visit the rest of our blog. We’re here and ready to show you what’s out there when you decide to create your home space in “The Emerald City.”

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